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How can I start this thing? I have no idea. Help. What am I going to write? What is the title?

Summarize your career experience.

Your resume will consist of several sections, in which you will provide a description of your career experience and qualifications for the target job.

Your name serves as the title of your resume, at the top, in larger font than everything else, followed by your contact information to tell a recruiter or hiring manager how to get in touch with you.

Then start the body of your resume with a resume statement. This statement should give the employer an overview of your skills, experience, and accomplishments that qualify you for the job.

Work experience
is an important section that will show the employer any work you have done that is related to the target job. This section will also show your work history, and is especially beneficial if you have a solid history without many gaps in employment.

The Education section is a great place to highlight college education, and is especially helpful if you have a degree that is related to the target job.

Use the above hyperlinks for additional information on how to write each section of your resume.

Here are some optional sections that you may want to include, if the information will assist in highlighting your qualifications for the job.

  • Skills - skills that you have acquired that relate to the target job.

  • Accomplishments - projects, results, or how you made a difference in previous jobs.

  • Honors and awards - recognition, awards, scholarships that you have received.

  • Professional associations - professional associations of which you are a member.

  • Volunteer experience - volunteer work that you have completed that ties into the target job.

When you find a job that you are interested in, study the job description to ensure that you understand what the employer is looking for in the person that they will hire for the job. Once you understand the requirements, include information in your resume that matches those requirements.

Victoria E.

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