How Important is Your
Resume Contact Information?

Your resume contact information is extremely important!

It tells the employer who you are and how to contact you. Please make sure that your information is easy to read and accurate.

Otherwise, the hiring manager cannot contact you for an interview.

Your contact information is the first thing at the very top of your resume.

Most commonly, the information is centered at the top of the page. Right alignment or left alignment are acceptable as well. Choose the position that works best for you.

Include the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address

Let's go into more detail about each element of the contact information, starting with your name.


Your full first and last name belong at the very top of the page. Avoid the use of nicknames.

Make your name the largest, most prominent item on your resume. Use bold font and a larger font size than everything else.

The rest of your contact information should be a smaller font size, without bold print.


Your full mailing address, including street address, city, state and zip code should be listed directly under your name. Use slightly smaller font than your name so that your name will stand out.

Avoid abbreviations. Spell out the words (Street, Lane, Road, etc.)

Phone Number

Include a valid phone number, including area code. This can be either a home phone or a cell phone.

It is best to provide the phone number that you can be reached at most often. I recommend only using one phone number on your resume. This way, the recruiter doesn't have to make more than one call or guess which number to call.

Make sure your outgoing voice mail greeting is professional. I personally, will not leave a message if the voice mail is not professional.

E-mail Address

Always include your e-mail address. Many companies use e-mail as a primary means of communication, so you want to make sure they can easily reach you.

Avoid using the e-mail of your current employer. If you don't have a personal e-mail account, you can sign up for a free e-mail account with Yahoo! Mail.

Be careful with e-mail addresses that could be perceived as being unprofessional. For example, may not be appropriate for a resume.

Contact Information Examples

Now that you understand the resume contact information basics, let's take a look at some examples.

These examples are simply guidelines, in case you need ideas. You can format your contact information however you'd like. Just make sure the information is clear & concise, and that it looks professional.

Example # 1

Steven Johnson
2356 W. Mayfield Lane, San Diego, CA 92106 (619)555-1245

Example # 2

Valerie Richardson
2906 N. Glenwood Terrace, Atlanta, GA 30310

(404) 555-0789

Notice the line that extends across the page, under each resume contact information example.

You may place that same line underneath the contact information on your resume. This is a nice way of clearly separating your contact information from the content of your resume. The line also gives your resume a touch of character. This technique is not required, but highly recommended.

Congratulations on getting started on your resume!

Now that you have followed the instructions outlined on this page, and your resume contact information is complete, you are ready to move on to the next step of the process.

Let's move on to your Resume Statement section.

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