What to do about a job the second time around?

by Barb
(La Jolla, CA)

I applied for job and was a finalist for the position. In the end the job was given to an internal person, not me, but the woman who would've been my boss called me to say that everyone with whom I interviewed really liked me and that I was well respected.

Normally this company just sends rejection emails and does not call. She told me during the conversation that the same exact position would be opening up very soon due to an impending retirement and I should apply and then email her to let her know I did.

Well, all of that happened a couple weeks ago and the job posting closed about 10 days ago. So far I've had no response to my email and no calls to interview again. The boss woman is the CEO (in other words very busy).

What should I do? Should I email the boss again or HR or should let it rest? I don't want to pester, but don't want my chance to slip by either. Why would she make a personal call to me and tell me everything she did if she really didn't like me -- seems to me she would've just gone with the standard rejection email.

Any advice on this would be so great! Thanks!


Hi Barb,

Since the CEO gave you the inside scoop about the exact same position opening soon, AND permission to contact her, you will not be a pest if you reach out to her again. After all, she expressed interest in you, so that means that she likes you. Personally, I would appreciate you for giving me a reminder.

If you have her phone number, call her. If you don't have her phone number, I'd say send her another e-mail.

In that phone call or e-mail:

  • Remind her who you are, and about your conversation.

  • Express that you are genuinely interested in the position

  • Mention (as a reminder) how you are qualified for the position.

Perhaps she hasn't responded to your e-mail simple because she's very very busy. That can easily happen in the world of recruiting.

If everyone with whom you interviewed really liked you and you were well-respected, don't give up on this job! Being persistent (as long as you don't go overboard), will help you more than it can hurt you. Persistence tells me that an applicant is serious and genuinely wants the job.

Go for it!

Good luck in your job search!
Victoria E.

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