Returning to Work After Early Retirement

by Tony

Late in 2011 I was pushed into early retirement; a decision that was hard to make, but inevitable given the options.

It's been about 5 months since that event and I have decided that I would like to return to the workforce doing the same work I had been doing for many years - not for my previous employer of course.

Question - in my application, cover letters or email to prospective employers, should I 'explain' the past 5-6 months as the result of early retirement? Or, wait till someone asks as I am concerned that someone may see my last job ‘ended’ in late 2011 and it’s now almost 6 months later.



Hi Tony,

Honestly, it is not necessary for you to mention anything about your retirement on your application, cover letter, resume, or e-mails to prospective employers. If you were able to reach the point of retirement, you obviously have a solid work history.

Employers are more concerned with your having a solid work history than they are with how long it has been since you left your previous job.

As a recruiter, I personally would not care how long you have been unemployed, if I were considering you for a position.

Tell a potential employer that you retired if they ask why you left your previous position. Otherwise, it is irrelevant to your job search.

I would not recommend that you include the part about being "pushed into early retirement."

That could possibly sound like you are blaming your previous employer for your retirement. I know that's not your intent, but it could be perceived that way by some.

You always want to refrain from saying anything that could be viewed as unpleasing about your previous employer.

Also, it can take 6 months or even a year or more to find a job. So your being out of work for 6 months will not be a red flag for a reasonable recruiter.

I hope you find this information useful and good luck with continuing your career.

Victoria E.

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