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by: Anonymous

Congratulations on your new job!

I totally agree with you that face to face interaction is key in selecting the best candidate for a job.

And you have obviously been able to set yourself apart from others and find success in your job search.

Great job!

Victoria E.

Thank you for responding
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the feedback I guess my ego was a bit bruised. For the record, I received three interviews in one day I will be starting my new job next week. FYI none of those wanted a personality test only a skills test and a background search which I passed with no problem.

It is still my opinion that a skilled interviewer can make a better assessment than a computer program, there is just too much missed without face to fact interaction.

Programs do not interpret body language, voice inflection, eye contact and while I understand that HR employees need a weeding out process, I get the impression that companies are using this to replace HR employees in order to cut cost.

In the process, they may be shooting themselves in the foot and passing up on some good talent…

Oh well just my opinion thanks very much for responding to my question you did help me to see it in a different light and I hope this is helpful to others still searching.

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