How Can I Get an Interview?

by Phu
(Viet Nam)


I have just published my resume on job sites, and have applied to a lot of foreign companies for a long time but I have not received any answers. I don't know whether there is something wrong or any mistakes on my resume.

I have experience, but wonder what is wrong with my resume. Do employers need any target on the resume?

How can i get a interview?



Hi Phu,

To increase your chances of getting an interview, it is important that you select a target job and write a targeted resume for each position that you apply for. A targeted resume reflects that your experience and qualifications are geared toward a specific job or career field.

Before applying for any job…

Carefully review each item in the job description and make sure that your resume matches that description. Your resume has to show employers your accomplishments and how your qualifications "match" the responsibilities of the job.

Place statements in your resume that state the you can perform or have performed those responsibilities.

Do not copy from the job description, just pull out keywords from the job description that are related to the job and related to your skills and experience. Place these keywords into your resume.

This will take some extra time and effort because you will need to edit your resume for each job that you apply for, but the extra effort will pay off when employers see that you have the skills they are looking for.

It is not wise to submit the exact same resume to every job opening.

Every opening is different so each resume should be different. Your resume is not a "one size fits all" document. Each resume has to be specifically geared toward each specific opening.

Make sure that you apply for jobs that you are qualified for and that your resume shows that you are qualified.

If you cannot prove with your accomplishments that you are qualified, employers will assume that you are not because they don't know anything about you other than what's on your resume.

The job description tells you what the qualifications for the job are. Your resume needs to reflect that you have those qualifications in order to be considered for the job. Highlight your accomplishments that are related to the job to show that you have the experience and can do the job well.

Take a good look at your resume and brainstorm to figure out your skills, your strengths, and the types of jobs in which you can utilize those skills and strengths. Click here for help with this.

You'll also want to make sure that you have the appropriate information in all of your resume sections.

Sometimes it just takes a little extra time to edit your resume to match the job description to increase your chances of being called for an interview.

I hope that you find this information useful. I wish you the best in your job search.

Victoria E.

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