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If you are an individual seeking a career change and you need to list references, but all of the positive supervisors/managers you know are no longer working, what do you do? Do you still list these supervisors/managers as references? Your current supervisors/managers haven't been on the job long enough to know you yet!


You may still lists supervisors or managers who no longer work with the company if you have their contact information. References do not necessarily have to be people that you currently work for or with.

Include a variety of references, with various backgrounds and with whom you have various relationships.


  • Supervisors/Managers, whether you work for them now or have worked for them in the past can speak about your work ethic, skills, accomplishments, or qualifications for the target job.

  • College professors can attest to your project management skills, and your ability to learn and apply acquired skills to projects.

  • Current or former coworkers can vouch for your teamwork skills.

  • Social acquaintances can speak to your interpersonal or communication skills.

  • Business acquaintances can speak about your networking ability.

  • Current or previous customers can attest to your customer service and follow-up skills.

  • Choose your references wisely by selecting people that you trust, who are positive and professional, with great communication skills.

    Ask for permission before listing someone as a reference, so if they are contacted, it will not be a surprise, and they will be prepared to give you a meaningful recommendation.

    In essence, when listing references, make sure that the person can and will speak positively about your qualifications for the job.

    Victoria E.

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